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Open Door Tour

We’d love to welcome you to tour our kitchen and take a closer look at the quality of our products..

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Through our Open Door Program, we invite you to a tour in our kitchen, so you can closely know about our products’ quality. The program gives you the opportunity to witness, for yourself, our adherence to offering high-quality products, handled as per safety procedures and strict cleanliness from trained staff, according to the highest standards.

To book your tour, please fill in the below form, and we will contact you to confirm the date and time of your tour.

Note: We recommend early tour registration, so you can avoid crowds in the kitchen during our working hours and get the best out of your tour.

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Terms and Conditions:

• Participants must be 10 years or older.
• Participants must be accompanied by their parents if they are 10 to 14 years old.
• Participants suffering from any kind of illness/disease are not allowed to participate.
• Participants are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke during the tour.
• Please adhere to your tour’s time, and do not be late.
• For safety issues, participants with special needs are not allowed to participate.
• Maximum number of attendees per tour is five people, given the priority of who arrives first.
• Participants are not allowed to take pictures or videos during their tour at McDonald’s.
• Participants are not allowed to wear high heels or open-heeled shoes during the tour.
• Please accept that McDonald’s won’t be keeping personal valuables during the tour.