RMHC Egypt

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What’s RMHC Egypt?

RMHC Egypt in cooperation with Kheir Wa Baraka NGO, is the 62nd chapter of the global foundation Ronald McDonald House Charities. RMHC Egypt launches in partnership with Manfoods-McDonald’s Egypt as its founding mission partner, and Kheir Wa Baraka NGO serving as its execution arm.

RMHC global foundation was founded in Philadelphia in 1974 and has been helping 7 Million children and their families annually around the world.

Ever since its establishment, it has been relentlessly working on programs that reinforce better healthcare, education, and standard of living for children and their families.

Our mission

RMHC Egypt in cooperation with Kheir wa Baraka NGO aims to find, create and support programs that directly improve the health and wellbeing of children and their families.

Our vision

Create a world in which children and their families enjoy adequate health, education and social services.

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Evidence Based Projects:

RMHC Egypt is keen on abiding by evidence-based methods in order to assess community issues, as well as identify and prioritize the areas of need to best utilize available resources.

The first Ronald McDonald House in the Middle East

RMHC Egypt is going to establish the first Ronald McDonald House in the Middle East; part of the global RMHC network. The RMH welcomes and assists families who travel seeking access treatment and health care for their children, by offering them various services and providing free accommodation in a home-like atmosphere.

The McDonald House aims to keep families together during their child’s treatment, and provide them with care, support, and resources when they need them the most.

The healing power of family

According to studies conducted by RMHC global, it was revealed that families experience high levels of stress and anxiety during prolonged hospital stays while their children receive medical treatment, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Also it was found that the presence of family members is crucial to the recovery process of the child, as staying together leads to effective and faster recovery. Therefore, establishing a place that brings  families close in the time of need was essential to ensure the recovery and wellbeing of their children.

RMHC Egypt Centers of Excellence for Early Childhood Development:

The centers of excellence provide adequate educational, parenting and health services for the whole family, that comply with national and global best practices and standards, in a healthy and accessible environment. Those Centers will be in Aswan, Sohag & Cairo governorates, and will include inclusive nurseries to serve children ages 1 day - 4 years old.

The centers will also provide services for children with special needs and support their families through the assistance of well-trained early childhood development facilitators. The Centers will also have the necessary materials, and learning tools suitable for all children, in addition to providing social and parental awareness sessions, and educational services that target the whole family.

A Holistic Approach to Children’s Well-being

RMHC Egypt Centers of Excellence will conduct a training of trainers (TOT) for selected trainers from the Ministry of Social Solidarity, and the social directorates and departments. Through this training, they will acquire the capabilities to plan, design and provide training programs for service providers in non-profit nurseries, and Child and Family Development Centers. The main topics included in this training will be: early detection and intervention methods for children with special needs such as difficulty in learning assistance, diagnostic services, the concepts and mechanisms of inclusion, prevention and the mechanisms and strategies of rehabilitation and inclusion.

This training in turn will also socially empower families by enhancing their education and awareness on essential topics including children’s healthcare, the foundations of healthy nutrition for children in early childhood, child growth, children’s development stages and other health, educational and awareness subjects.

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Mother embracing her daughter
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Funding Sources

Donation boxes available at McDonald’s stores.

McDonald’s donates 1 Egyptian pound from every Happy Meal to support RMHC Egypt.

“Beit McDonald’s Lel Kheir” Bank account created and managed by Kheir Wa Baraka NGO.

RMHC global achievements

RMHC owns 376 Ronald McDonald House programs in 45 Countries & Regions

260 Ronald McDonald Family room programs.

42 Ronald McDonald Care mobile programs.

RMHC has been able to provide more than 2.6 million overnight stays for families.

RMHC helps 7 million children around the world annually.

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