In McDonald's Egypt we believe in the importance of our contribution to the community, that’s why we extended the bridges of partnership with educational institutions represented in Helwan University in order to prepare human cadres and provide them with technical, behavioral, management knowledge and skills according to the actual needs of the labor market in the field of specialization.

Out of the social responsibility of Manfoods McDonald's - Egypt to support students most in need of study and work, the cooperation between McDonald's - Egypt and Helwan University - Faculty of Tourism and Hotels was established.

With the purpose of providing a scholarship to obtain the Bachelor degree from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels - Helwan University, For holders of high school or equivalent certificates and vocational diploma, (tourism and hotels diploma - technical diploma - commerce diploma - agricultural diploma)

The scholarship is included in the blended learning program under the name:

“Bachelor's degree in Restaurant Management and Operation - Faculty of Tourism and Hotels - Helwan University”, according to the blended learning method.

The Program

It is a program that combines theoretical study and practical application, where the student is being trained in McDonald's restaurants in Egypt, and throughout the period of joining the program, McDonald's Company supports the student financially and scientifically to obtain a bachelor's degree in management and operation of restaurants - Faculty of Tourism and Hotels - Helwan University.

The student conducts training in the company's restaurants 5 days a week and gets a day off to study at the college and a day off for the duration of the entire 4 years’ study (8 semesters). The student also gets a time off for exams.

The Education System

Practical study

Study and training in McDonald's Egypt restaurants for five days a week during the study period and six days a week during the summer period, and that is throughout the studying years

Theoretical study

Study at the headquarters of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels - Helwan University - one day a week

Study at McDonald's Egypt Training Center according to the schedule that is drawn up for each semester by the program administration and McDonald's Egypt training department.

The scheduled curriculum is in the form of textbooks and university lectures

Educational Qualification

Through the support of Manfoods - McDonald's Egypt, students joining the program are given the opportunity to obtain a bachelor’s degree in restaurant management and operation in exchange for the students’ presence for practical training in the company's restaurants for a period of four years, which is the period of study allocated to obtain the educational degree.

The educational qualification is called "Bachelor of Restaurant Management and Operation - Faculty of Tourism and Hotels - Helwan University", thus the student is considered to have obtained a higher degree approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.

The name of the program inside universities allocation office or on the website "Faculty of Tourism and Hotels – Blended Learning - Helwan University

Program Name

Restaurant Management and Operations

Program Duration

4 Years

Number of semesters

8 semesters – 2 semester in each year

Number of courses

53 courses - 49 compulsory / 8 optional

Number of credited hours

123 credited hours – 115 for the compulsory courses / 8 for the optional courses

The Degree

Bachelor of Science in Restaurant Management and Operations - Hospitality Management Department

Accredited from

Faculty of Tourism and Hotels – Helwan University

Program Stages

  1.         The stage of Technical Skills in Restaurants Diploma
  2.         The stage of Bachelor's degree in Management and Operation of restaurants

The student also obtains a certificate of experience upon completion of either of the two academic stages


The Program’s Financial Benefit.

McDonald's Egypt grants the students a financial benefit in exchange for their training, which is calculated by the hour, and the student receives the amount monthly, in addition to that, the company is bearing all the tuition fees during the four academic years, and the cost is equivalent to 5000 Egyptian pounds annually, which is equivalent to 20,000 Egyptian pounds during four years as expenses for the college and other expenses such as books, work uniform and meals.


  • Exams’ leave - in coordination with the program official.
  • One day off weekly.
  • One day off weekly to attend classes at the faculty.


Why McDonald's

An opportunity for students to join the McDonald's Egypt team and get a job

The company offers outstanding students the opportunity to join the work team and enrolls them in training and development programs with opportunities for limitless advancement, financial & in-kind benefits, rewards, incentives, and recognition programs, as well as protection, insurance and support programs.

  • Promotions during the study years for outstanding performers in the field of work (Trainer – area manager - shift manager) to provide the student with managerial experiences at a young age to that qualifies him/her to the labor market
  • The trainee has the priority to apply for a shift manager position after completing the study

Joining McDonald's Egypt after graduation is not an obligation, it is up to the student to work for us or choose any other place to work.