Blended Learning

Restaurant Management and Operations

Restaurant Management and Operations

If you are a student, Blended Learning Program will give you the chance to ‘practice,’ while you are studying. It is a program that depends on doing both at the same time. Restaurant Management and Operations Program, in collaboration with Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Helwan University and Manfoods McDonald’s Egypt, aims to provide a free scholarship and a Bachelor’s degree in Restaurant Management and Operations, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Helwan University for students who received their General Secondary Education (Thanaweya Amma) Certificate, or its equivalents—Tourism and Hotels, industry/commerce/agriculture diplomas.

Whether at the coordination office (Maktab Eltanseeq) or online, the program’s name is ‘Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Blended learning, Helwan University.’ Students will be provided with the newest technology, depending on the needs of the assigned job.

McDonald’s has always been working to connect educational organizations in the field of specialization. That is to help and provide young staff with the information, technical, behavioral, administrative and supervisory skills. All that is done according to the market’s needs in the specialization field and Manfoods, McDonald’s Egypt’s responsibility towards encouraging students to study and attend on-job training.

Hired students are to study and attend on-job training for five days per week, while having a day off work for college and another day off during the four academic years (8 semesters), in addition to days off for their exams.


A closer look into the educational system:

Practical Learning:

Work and training will be taking place for five days per week at McDonald’s Egypt restaurants throughout the courses and six days per week in the summer, all along the academic years.

Theoretical Learning:

Studies taking place at Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Helwan University will be for one day per week during the academic year.

Studies taking place at McDonald’s Egypt Training Center will be based on each semester’s schedule, as decided by McDonald’s Egypt and Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Helwan University. Studying materials and courses will be in the form of lectures and textbooks.



Bachelor of Restaurant Management and Operations, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Helwan University



Manfoods, McDonald’s Egypt offers students a paycheck based on the number of working hours. Paychecks are transferred to their bank accounts with a minimum of 120 hours per month, amounting to LE900, and students could definitely get a raise.

Manfoods will bear all tuition fees during the four academic years. Such fees are equivalent to LE15000, providing that students will not have to bear any school financials during those years.


Why does McDonald’s provide the chance for students to join McDonald’s Egypt staff and get a job?

Once it is declared that there are job vacancies, the company will provide the chance for excellent students to join the staff and prepare them for development programs, along with the priceless chance for promotion, financial and in-kind benefits, profitable incentives and reward and recognition programs, in addition to protection, insurance and support programs.